Monday, May 5, 2014

Birthday Plans | 50s Prom Dress

With my 21st birthday coming up in June, I have been planning something extravagant for my party. I'm not usually one for parties at all, but this has to be special - and it all comes down to the dress. Seeing as I'm planning a 1950s themed party, I thought I may as well go all out and create my dream dress. It is just like prom all over again, only a whole lot better. So this is what I found:

I'm definitely relinquishing my childhood dreams of flaunting around like a princess in a frilly ball gown. That was my main hesitation before I decided to start this project; I'm turning twenty-one, not ten, so I browsed around on the web a little more before I ultimately turned back to this one. Considering the girl wearing this dress looks absolutely gorgeous in it, I finally decided there's no reason I wouldn't either. Obviously it was originally designed for someone my age. It's a prom dress. So I eagerly hurried out to buy my material; I work at a fabric shop and have the perk of fabric discounts, so I purchased over ten metres of peachy-pink tulle for next to nothing. 

I'm combining two patterns in order to make this dress: for the skirt, I'm using a retro Butterick 6582. The pattern has a simple circular style skirt, which is the shape I need for this dress. I cut the lining out with this pattern, and the rest is a sort of risky improvisation of guessing and cutting. I cut over twenty 6" strips of tulle for the first layer of the skirt along the hem. I've just finished the third tier and it is looking something like this so far: 

I haven't bought material for the top yet, but I'm thinking of using chiffon. My top is going to be a little different from the picture. I can't remember the pattern number I plan to use because I don't currently have it on hand, but it is a Burda pattern. The top is going to be sort of rouched, in which chiffon will work beautifully.

I will update my progress on this dress frequently! 

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